Speakers 2017

Pex Langenberg

Deputy Mayor, responsible for Mobility, Sustainability and Culture, City of Rotterdam

Maria van der Hoeven

Senior Associate Fellow Clingendael International Energy Programme


Ms Maria van der Hoeven is a Dutch professional with broad political and managerial expertise.

She started her professional career as a teacher. Later on she became director of a Vocational Training Centre for Adults and director of Technology Centre Limburg. In these jobs she demonstrated  great competence in managing change and transition.


Her political career started in 1974 when she was elected as member of the City Council of Maastricht, her home town. In 1991 she became Member of Parliament. In this capacity she fulfilled several functions within her caucus. She was vice-president of the House of Parliament for several years.


From 2002 to 2007 Ms van der Hoeven served as Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands and from 2007 to 2010 as Minister of Economic  Affairs and Energy. In both capacities she demonstrated leadership at national, regional and EU level.


Ms van der Hoeven took over as Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) on 1 September 2011 and led the IEA during a period of exceptional change in the global energy economy, as rapidly shifting supply/demand balances for oil and other major fuels transform the IEA’s traditional mandate. Her mandate ended on 31 August 2015.


Ms van der Hoeven responded by enhancing IEA engagement with key non-member countries including Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Under her leadership, the IEA admitted its 29th member, Estonia, and increased its co-operation with OPEC and the International Energy Forum (IEF) as well as signed a partnership accord with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), APEC and other multi-lateral institutions.


Ms. Van der Hoeven has repeatedly emphasised the close link between climate and energy policy. As a member of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, led by former President Felipe Calderón of Mexico, she has initiated discussions  between policy makers and industry representatives on the impact of climate change on energy security, and sought to raise awareness among young people around the world of the problem of climate change and the need to get informed and take action. She has also promoted renewables and energy efficiency as part of the critical role she believes innovation and technology play in contributing to energy security while supporting climate goals.


These and her other initiatives reflect her overall focus on energy security in all forms, for all people. That includes the hundreds of millions around the world who lack access to modern energy services, and in recognition of her efforts in this area, she served on the Advisory Board for the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative from 2013-2015. Since 2014 she has been a member of the UN Advisory Council  for “Powering the Future We Want- Recognising Innovative Practices in Energy for Sustainable Development”


Since September 2015 Ms van der Hoeven has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Rocky

Mountain Institute in Colorado (US) and senior associate fellow at Clingendael International Energy

Program (CIEP).


Since spring  2016 Ms van der Hoeven has been a member of the Board of Directors of Total (France) and a member of the Supervisory Board of INNOGY (Germany).

Since  October 2016 Ms van der Hoeven has been vice chairman of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative  (European Commission).


Ms van der Hoeven is a recognised speaker on energy  at international fora and symposia.

Felix Zhang

Group Executive Director, Envision Energy


Felix Zhang (Group Executive Director, Envision Energy)

Felix currently runs the international businesses of Envision Energy- a world leader in renewable energy and technology space. He’s lived, worked and is at home in North America, Europe and Asia. His experiences prior to forming Envision Group include operating experience, investment banking at Morgan Stanley, capital markets at CIBC and investing as a partner at a global multi-strategy investment company.  Felix has an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics and sciences from the University of Wisconsin, and master’s degrees from University of Wisconsin, University of St. Thomas and London Business School, and attended the SEP program at Stanford University.

Robert Phillips

Director, Marketplace Optimization Data Science, Uber

Sharon Dijksma

Minister for the Environment

Marc Bras

Manager BMW I, BMW Group Nederland and Board Member Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business

Wolf Ketter

Professor Next Generation Information Systems, Scientific Director Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business, RSM

Jan Rotmans

Professor of Transitions and Transition Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Jan Rotmans (1961) is a socially engaged scientist, with more than 200 publications in the field of climate change & global change modelling, sustainable development, and transitions and system innovations. After his PhD-research and work at RIVM he became the youngest professor of the Netherlands in 1997, at the Maastricht University (ICIS: International Centre for Integrative Studies). In September 2004 he founded the new research institute DRIFT, Dutch Research Institute For Transitions, and became full professor in transitions and transition management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Apart from his scientific work he also wants to contribute to a better and sustainable society. Therefore a radical change, a transition, is necessary. With his knowledge he would like to make up the rules and transmit them to the people involved in any project, region or sector, so that they can give it a swing into a more sustainable direction. For a more sustainable future in the Netherlands he co-founded the Urgenda in 2007. In 2014 he founded “ Nederland Kantelt “  a foundation that will stimulate transition in the Netherlands on several fields.


For more information about Jan Rotmans, see www.janrotmans.nl


Catherine Rosenberg

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Future Internet

Ab van der Touw

CEO, Siemens, representing the Transition Coalition

Freerk Bisschop

Programme Director Smart Energy, Rockstart

Christopher McLachlan

CEO, pear.ai, RWE Silicon Valley Startup

Christopher McLachlan is a customer driven, hands-on, full stack product marketeer and commercial strategist. He thrives in challenges along the whole commercial management process — from value creation, via value delivery, to value capture. He has a proven track record of successful launching new products and services, building trusted client relationships, bridging gaps between departments and regional organisations, and acquiring and growing talents at companies like Innogy, Essent, McKinsey & Company, Simon Kucher & Partners. His expertise lies in proposition design, pricing, strategy development and commercial performance management.
Astrid Madsen

Programme Manager Energy Transition, City of Rotterdam

Judith Koole

COO, Stedin


Judith Koole (1969) is per 1 februari 2017 benoemd tot lid van de raad van bestuur. Daarvoor was zij Directeur Klant en Markt van Stedin Netbeheer B.V. Zij startte in 2012 bij Stedin en was onder meer werkzaam als Manager Programmaregie en manager van ReVisie (fusie Stedin / Joulz). Voor die tijd werkte zij bij Delta en bij SITA (SUEZ) in eindverantwoordelijke lijnfuncties. Zij studeerde Frans, aangevuld met bedrijfskunde, aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

Jaap Hoogcarspel

Cluster Commissioner, Industry Complex Rotterdam-Moerdijk

Fred van Beuningen

Director, Clean Tech Delta

Roderik Colen

International Strategy Executive and Board Member, Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business

Albert Engels

Project Manager, City of Rotterdam

Warmold ten Zijthof

Manager Verduurzaming Gebouwde Omgeving, Stedin

Ruud Melieste

Corporate Strategist, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Onoph Caron

Director, eLaad

Prof. Vareska van de Vrande

Professor of Collaborative Innovation and Business Venturing, RSM

Dorothy Grandia

Assistant Director, Career Development Centre, RSM


Dorothy Grandia combines her unique experience in the political arena, on the operatic stage, and in leadership development and communication programmes to help people broaden their communication range and increase their influence. As Communication Faculty for the Erasmus Centre for Women in Organisations and Assistant Director of the Career Centre at RSM/Erasmus, Dorothy helps speakers connect to their audience with clear and engaging messages. She delivers research-based and highly interactive programmes within RSM as well as at organisations such as Europol, the European Central Bank, and ING.

Eric van Heck

Professor of Information Management and Markets, RSM

Volker Beckers

Chairman Erasmus Centre For Future Energy Business, former Group CEO of RWE Npower

Peter Vervest

Professor of Information Management and Networks, RSM

Tobias Brandt

Assistant Professor of Business Information Management, Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business, RSM

Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

Assistant Professor of Business Information Management, Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business, RSM

Broghan Helgeson

research associate and PhD candidate, ewi Energy Research & Scenarios

Jarno Dakhorst

NEN Consultant Energy


Jarno Dakhorst (1977) is NEN Consultant Energy , the Netherlands Standardization Institute. He joined NEN in 2007, after jobs in environmental consultancy with a focus on energy related topics. Jarno has a master in molecular sciences after graduation at Wageningen University in 2000.


In his current position, Jarno is a team player and facilitator to develop national, European and international standards and certification tools in the energy and bioeconomy sector. He is an all-round and dedicated consultant who, in cooperation with stakeholders and colleagues, strives for high quality products and services in an efficient and pleasant way. Jarno is involved in agenda setting for accelerating the transition towards a low carbon energy supply system and circular (bio)economy through standardization and certification.


See for more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarnodakhorst/

Jeannette M. Hofman-Züter

Manager NEN Energy

Marcel Galjee

Director Energy, Akzo Nobel

Michiel Jak

Director, Smart Port

Olof van der Gaag

Director, NVDE

Rick Heerink

Change and Innovation Manager, Stedin

Koen Dittrich

Assistant Professor of Management of Innovation, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Maike Boggeman

Project Manager Strategy & Scenarios, Royal Dutch Shell

Mirjam de Boer-Postmus

Executive Director Advisory, Market Segment P&U, EY

Sander Simonetti

Executive Director, HVG Law/EY

Jaron Reddy

Sales Manager, Energy eXchange Enablers

Dolf Gielen

Director of IRENA’s Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC), IRENA


As director of the IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre in Bonn since 2011, Dolf Gielen oversees the agency’s work on advising member countries in the area of technology status and roadmaps, energy planning, cost and markets and innovation policy frameworks.


Before joining IRENA, Dolf Gielen was Chief of the Energy Efficiency and Policy Unit at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Previously, he was a Senior Energy Technology Policy Analyst at the International Energy Agency.

Jan van den Ende

Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation, RSM

Steef van de Velde

Dean & Professor of Management and Technology, RSM

Maarten van Hasselt


Van Hasselt’s career in major industrial companies in commercial line executive positions and board memberships has been combined with advisory roles in large consultancies and his own company. He has many years experience in the oil and gas industry and has held executive positions with Shell, Repsol, GE Oil & Gas and Phillips 66.


MBA and BSc Mechanical Engineering degrees have been supplemented with high level programs at MIT, INSEAD, Shell and GE. His fluency in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and basic French and Italian supports his ability to operate both locally and globally, leveraging his wide and deep international network of senior executives.


Maarten has lived and worked many years in Europe, Latin America and the US and worked projects in the Middle and Far East. He has developed a thorough understanding of different business cultures and is able to bridge these productively.  He currently splits his time between The Hague and Houston.


Among other functions, Van Hasselt is a Fellow of the Energy Institute, Board member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Houston and is active in career coaching of young professionals. He is an alumnus of RSM (IIB) and has been a board member of the student and alumni association. He is an accomplished coastal yachtsman and coaches yacht owners on offshore safety.

Martijn de Graaff

New Business Development Manager VoltaChem/TNO



Martijn started his career in the field of molecular biophysics and after joining TNO he worked on scientific research, project management and business development in the high-tech industry. After changing to the chemical industry, he became responsible for new business development and later project portfolio management in the field of innovative process technology and chemistry. Since 2015 Martijn is responsible for new business and program development for the Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem, a collaborative effort of research organizations and companies to accelerate innovation and implementation of industrial electrification and energy conversion & storage.


Martijn likes working in complex high-tech environments on the interface between multiple technologies, products, businesses and market segments. His main interest is in combination of innovation, technology and sustainability and in getting the right people and organizations together to achieve a step-change in how things are done.

Kees Jan Rameau

Member Board of Management, Eneco

Elmer de Boer

Manager Ideation, Eneco Innovations & Ventures

Jan-Peter Doomernik

Senior Business Developer, Enexis en Fudura


Jan-Peter Doomernik works as Senior Business Developer for the grid company Enexis. As part of the department “Strategical Transitions” his work is aimed to ensure the right and access to energy for the people of the Netherlands in the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The department is all about uncovering room for innovation by asking the right questions.

Topics on which he focusses are abundant systems and disruptive infrastructures that are caring and inclusive.  The (main) building blocks for these new infrastructures are blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets. JP is a serial co-creator, always looking for partners who want to develop futures, roadmaps and tangible results that are beneficial for society and open source:

– Together with Harm van de Brink (E-laad) he is a co-creating partner on Innogy’s share and charge solution that enables a worldwide contractless charging of EV, based on blockchain technology. This product, developed by dr. Carsten Stoecker and his team, launched in May 2017.

– Together with BigchainDB, buro Duinn and the legal departments of the universities of Eindhoven and Tilburg he is discovering ways create and build self-owned autonomous assets (AI-based distributed autonomous organisations).

He started his PhD this year at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam at the department of science, business and innovation under the guidance of prof. dr.  P.C. van der Sijde.

Are you interested in co-creating, open source and beneficial for society? drop him a line!


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-peter-doomernik-27818161/

twitter: @blablablanogwat

Martijn Olthof

Senior Portfolio Manager, APG


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